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September 10th, 2017. KT1 5 minutes & Turkish Get Up Challenge - Kettlebell Lifting Sport™ @ Habu Pit. Egg Harbor, NJ

  • Sunday, September 10, 2017
  • 09:00 - 12:30
  • 3022 Hingston Ave Egg Harbor Twp NJ 08324


Athletes: Please select the registration option above which corresponds to the number of lifts you'll be competing. Thank you!

Habu Pit


BOLT Kettlebell Lifting Sport™

KT1 5 minutes sets


Turkish Get Up Challenge - 5 minutes sets

September 10th, 2017



Weight In  & Check In

 9:00 am.


Start at 10:00 am, with 10 minute break between each heat.

Order Of Events

  1. Snatch. 5 minutes
  2. Jerk. 5 minutes
  3. Clean and Jerk. 5 minutes
  4. Turkish Get Up. Free style. 5 minutes. IVSS scoring.

Kettlebell Lifting Sport™ Competitions in a nutshell

  1. The lifter can choose from the following options:
    1. KT1. Kettlebell Triathlon 1. Includes the following single lifts.
    2. Turkish Get Up Challenge.
  2. Lifters compete with lifters of the same gender, age group, and weight category.
  3. The athletes compete to see who is able to lift the most weight (in kilograms) during a timed set.
  4. The athletes are allowed to place the weights down during the set or to switch the kettlebell from hand to hand during the set unless otherwise specified.

About Kettlebell Lifting Sport™

Kettlebell Lifting Sport™ features endurance events. The goal is to lift as many kilograms as possible within the competition time.

At the end of the competition, the athlete places according to how she/he scored in comparison to the other participants of the same gender, age and weight category. 

IKLF athletes can rank only at an official IKLF meet.


Competition Rules

Levels Table

International Kettlebell Lifting Federation - 8200 E. Pacific Place Unit 110 Denver, CO 80231 - email: usakl.contact@gmail.com